Saturday, March 30, 2013

Garden Journal Update

Here's How My Garden's Doing ...
Squash ~ Harvested the season's first squash this week.  The other three plants have several good sized fruits as well.
Tomatoes ~ The three steak tomato and four cherry tomato plants have set fruit. Our recent cold snaps did the new seedlings in, but I will be starting more soon.
Carrots ~ I didn't think my carrot patch was going to make it, but I've got dozens of nice looking tops, so my carrot-loving daughter and I are keeping our fingers crossed for a harvest after all.

Strawberries ~ The strawberry plants have
pretty much finished producing fruit for this
season.  I want to plant 20 more in October.
broccoli in back, bush bean,
lettuce, cauliflower in front

Broccoli & Cauliflower ~ All the Broccoli and Cauliflower planted in January are forming heads. One of the Cauliflower heads is almost the size of a baseball.   All are very healthy, and the broccolis planted in February are coming along nicely.

Lettuce ~ All the lettuce varieties are perfectly healthy and thriving.  The more I harvest, the bigger they get.  The leaves are delicious, thanks to our much cooler than usual weather.
Garden Beans ~ The bush beans are healthy with no sign of the fungal gnats and I was able to pick a few more yesterday. I did not plant nearly enough this season. I'm going to sow more this week; the deadline is April, or I'll have to wait until September.

Peas ~ The snap peas are not happy and will probably not make it. I will sow more this week and see what happens.

Cucumbers ~ Two plants have baby cucumbers growing.
Melons ~ The cantaloupe and watermelon seeds have germinated. They should be ready to transplant in 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, I will be preparing the bed. Melons are heavy feeders and need very rich soil.
New ~ This week I will be direct-sowing:

Lettuce 'Black Seeded Simpson'
Garden beans 'Bush, Blue Lake 274'
Snap peas 'Cascadia Sugar Snap'
Green onions 'Evergreen Bunching'
Radishes 'Champion'
Okra 'Emerald'

 Jill A. Tobin 03/30/2013 

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