Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Garden Journal

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03/19/2013 -
~ Strawberries benefit from being planted with beans, peas, borage, garlic, lettuce, onions, spinach and thyme. Avoid Brassicas, fennel, and Kohlrabi. 
~ Strawberry plants are getting scorched by the sun, so I have decided to relocate them to a garden in the front yard and interplant them with perennial peanuts. There they will receive 6 hours of morning sun and afternoon shade.

 ~ Harvested 4 bush beans from a third plant. They are hard to see and I missed them yesterday.
Because I have no experience preserving vegetables, I experimented by blanching and freezing the ones from today (yesterday's were really good raw). Here's the method I used:
  1. Bring water to a full boil in a large pot
  2. Place beans in fryer basket; submerge into pot of boiling water
  3. Boil for two minutes
  4. Remove basket and rinse to stop cooking process
  5. Blot dry; put vegetables in ziplock freezer bag
  6. removing as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn
  7. Label, date, and seal the bag
  8. Store in freezer at 0' for up to 12 months
~ Squash plant has 7 developing 1-4" fruits
~ Three 'Better Boy Hybrid', and four cherry tomato (unsure of variety), plants are flowering and should start developing fruit in 2-4 weeks (sow date: 02/09/2013).
~ Transplanted five more 'Better Boy Hybrid' seedlings because I haven't had much luck with steak tomatoes in the past due to pests, birds, and diseases.
~ Cucumber plants ('Marketmore 76'- Sow Date: 02/09/2013) are especially healthy and doing extremely well. They have produced several large, beautiful flowers.

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