Wednesday, March 13, 2013


GMO's upset the balance of our ecosystems, and the bugs will become resistant to the Bt.  The focus should be on "companion planting" - flowers nearby attract beneficial insects, and plants with a strong scent (onions, garlic, peppers, mint, etc) naturally repel unwanted pests, and/or use "trap crops" to draw pests to a more desirable plant, steering them away from your main crop.  My quote and motto is: "If God didn't make it that way, then it wasn't meant to be that way".  Organic gardening can be trying, but there are many organic pesticides such as Pyrethrum which comes from African Chrysanthemums.  Planting mums in the garden has been used for pest control for centuries.  Organic food can also be expensive, but compared to potential health care costs, will actually save you money.  Food for thought...

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