Thursday, March 21, 2013

Starting Cantaloupe and Watermelon Indoors

Yesterday morning I started cantaloupe ('Sierra Gold') and watermelon ('Sugar Baby') seeds indoors. 
Sowing melon seeds indoors is generally discouraged because they do not transplant well.  However, if you are careful not to disturb the roots your plant should be fine. 
Peat pots work really well.  Because they are biodegradable, seedlings can be planted without removing them from the container they were started in.
The roots will grow through the pot as advertised, but it takes a little more work for them to do so because the peat pot has to decompose a little first. 
I have had better success with cutting or tearing off the bottom of the pot before planting it in the ground. 
Water in seedlings as soon as they are transplanted, and keep the soil slightly moist for the first few days.

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